Découverte du fabuleux domaine Tenuta Montecchiesi en Italie !

Discovery of the fabulous Tenuta Montecchiesi estate in Italy!

Aug 28, 2023Maison Sarment

Located in the province of Arezzo, in Tuscany in Italy, the Montecchiesi estate has belonged to the Dal Cero family since 1980. It all began when the brothers Giuseppe and Dario, sons of the founder Augusto, were attracted by the great Tuscan tradition and decided to devote to the production of great red wines, in a region of excellence for this type of wine! But to acquire this domain, they had to face a great challenge: they were forced to sell part of the domain inherited from their father.

The history of Domaine Montecchiesi:

As explained previously, the two brothers of the family were forced to part with something that was most dear to them: part of the land they had inherited from their father.

Convinced of the wine-growing potential of the region Cortona , the two brothers decided to plant new ones there varieties of vines by specializing in a grape variety particularly suited to this wine-growing land : the Syrah , in addition to the variety Sangiovese already existing.

Thanks to that intuition and the skill of the Dal Cero group, the hectares of vines of the estate Tenuta Montecchiesi multiplied by ten ! Planted at approximately 260-350m at altitude, the vineyards of Tenuta Montecchiesi are composed mainly of soils clayey . In addition to the contribution of a mild climate , the estate promises wines perfectly structured and an incredible storage potential.

The king grape varieties grown at the Montecchiesi estate: 

Among the most widespread grape varieties in this wine-growing land, we find the Sangiovese , originally from the region. In addition to this variety, the Dal Cero family decided to add a large plantation of Syrah which is particularly suited to this terroir.

The family was convinced that this variety would adapt very well to the climate of Cortonas and that the weather conditions would be favorable to his development . There are also other grape varieties cultivated by the Montecchiesi estate like the Vermentino , the Cabernet Sauvignon , the Merlot or even the Chardonnay .

Thanks to the culture of Syrah , which found its ideal development conditions, the Montecchiesi estate produced a wine monovarietal of an intense depth : the Klanis. It's thanks to his character authentic that this wine has succeeded in seducing a international clientele !

A specialization in rosé wine:

In addition to the production of red wine , the Tenuta estate wanted to bring a novelty to their range of wines by specializing in production of unique rosé and large quality . We can find a sparkling wine of classic method called “ Camelý », another rosé with notes intriguing and very scented : the Miralý rosé , one of the most prized ! Finally, the domain has also developed from Syrah grown in the bush and raised in wood: the Versý .

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